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how everything started

"Having a Restaurant & Hotel career between us, we decided to quit our jobs
& travel to the other side of the world to be outdoors and to get inspired. We worked on Organic Farms and met incredible people. Once in Madeira, we started to organize dinner parties for friends, where word of mouth quickly did its trick, and SEU-CHEF, our Private Chef Service took form. Over time, a pandemic, uncertainties, a lot of work, and support from our family, it was time to welcome people at our home, at the Gazebo". 

Meet the Team

There is always  room to improve our practices,
one step at a time. 

Organic beetroot

We are so lucky to be in the center of Funchal where the weather is just right for having something to harvest all year round. We have fruit trees, vegetables, herbs, edible flowers and even coffee plants. We are also very grateful to know and use wonderful products from local farmers around the island. Our neighbours chickens and compost heap are also grateful for all the food scraps!




Rua dos Ilhéus 30,

Funchal, Madeira



Tuesdays to Saturdays

bookings required


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